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Charlotte Renee

Charlotte Renee started her path of study into herbalism and plant medicine in 2019. She has attended many classes both online and in person. She has come to see that tea is a great way to consume the many benefits of plants and herbs and allowing you to take a moment and recenter your mind and spirit for the demands of a busy life. 


Charlotte's background in helping entrepreneurs create small businesses in the automotive industry gave her the tools to positioned her for her vision of the future; to bring herbal wellness into the hands of her family, friends and community by teaching how to cultivate small moments trough out the day for a lifestyle of peaceful wellness and understanding. 

Charlotte has a passion for cultivating a lifestyle of peaceful wellness and how to create those in small moments throughout the day for herself, family and friends. 


She and her team at Cascade Herbal Living are experienced, skilled, and most of all, friendly. This amazing group of people are such a huge part of what we hope will make your online shopping experience as enjoyable and satisfying. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding your wellness journey. 

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